Paris in February Spotlight: Canadian Bank of Commerce

In the publication the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce put out to celebrate their 150th anniversary, while our country was enjoying its own sesquicentennial, they note they opened for business as the Canadian Bank of Commerce in May of 1867, just before the confederation of Canada, but in a way, the bank is the original Bank of Canada.

The charter they purchased as the Canadian Bank of Commerce was first issued in 1858 for the Bank of Canada, not to be confused with our current central bank established by the Bank of Canada act in 1934, but that bank never opened.  After opening in Toronto, the bank grew rapidly and steadily on its way to become the fifth largest bank in Canada when ranked by assets.

A few of the banks it absorbed or amalgamated with over the years included The Gore Bank, the Bank of British Columbia, the Halifax Banking Company, the Merchants Bank of PEI, the Bank of Hamilton, and the Eastern Townships Bank.  Of course the most well-known merger took place when the Canadian Bank of Commerce joined forces with the Imperial Bank of Canada in 1961.


Canadian Bank of Commerce notes stand out with their bright, non overbearing colours and a few of the highlights in our Paris in February Sale from this bank include a CH 75-16-04-16 $20, Jan. 2nd, 1917 and a CH 75-16-04-20c $20.  A sleeper in the sale may turn out to be a lovely CH 75-14-20, Jan. 2nd, 1901 $10 with only 7 on the CPMS registry.  But don’t ignore a fresh Jan. 2nd, 1917 $5 CH 75-16-04-06b, as these aren’t available often.  These notes are all head-turners and we expect a lot of interest.

Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd.’s Paris in February Sale, held in conjunction with the Paris Coin Show, is a numismatic auction for everyone.  Seasoned numismatists and casual collectors will all be able to find something that will fit their portfolios perfectly.  Join us on February 2nd, 2019 at the Hampton Inn, 20 Fen Ridge Court, Brantford, ON or online via iCollector.

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