What are Changeover Banknotes?

When working with Canadian banknotes, there are lots of terms to learn: devil’s face, overprint, discovery note, and the names of various types of errors are just a few.  Another term that’s important is “changeover” and there’s no readily available definition to help any confused collectors.  Today’s Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. blog post will provide […]

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Two Bank of Toronto Discovery Notes for the Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Spring Sale

The bank with the quintessential metropolitan-sounding name began life to service rural areas outside of Toronto which were in need of banking opportunities.  Slow-starting, the Bank of Toronto opened its doors to the public in 1856 and is still in operation today as the Toronto-Dominion Bank after amalgamating with the Dominion Bank in 1955.  Geoffrey […]

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Paris 2018 Winter Sale

The première Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Paris Winter Sale is another well-rounded numismatic auction for which the firm has become known.  Held in conjunction with the Paris Coin Show, formerly known as the S.W.O.N. show, the auction takes place February 3rd, 2018 with the show happening on the 4th.  No matter what numismatic genre you […]

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