Who Surprised in Paris?

Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. kicked off 2019 with its Paris in February Sale, part of a biannual auction held in conjunction with the Paris Coin Show, and this eager crowd didn’t disappoint.  The numbers were good across the board, but the strongest performers were fancy serial numbered banknotes, pre-confederation tokens, and some American coins.  A look back to see which numismatic areas are trending is an important part of any sale because it gives insight into the health of our hobby.


It shouldn’t be surprising that low serial numbered notes met or exceeded their pre-sale estimates given how they’ve hammered in past Toronto Coin Expo and Moncton sales.  A trio of Bank of Canada 1973 $1 notes all numbered 0000033 led the way nearly doubling their expected result.  A rare Bank of Canada $100 Devil’s Face closed at $1,200.  Given the desirability factor of the fancy serial number and the sought-after variety, it was expected to do very well.

Of course, Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. is known to best represent pre-confederation tokens and we had a few lots that easily past their estimates.  A brass so-called Boston Sou more than doubled what was expected, as did another lot of Upper Canada half penny tokens.

Finally, American coins don’t always sell high in Canada, so it’s worth pointing out that they did great in Paris.  This lot of four silver United States coins double its estimate.

This all bodes well as we approach warmer weather and our highly anticipated Toronto Coin Expo 2019 Spring Sale which will feature a truly historic offering of French regime coins.  This will easily be the auction of the year in Canada and it takes place May 2 & 3, 2019.  Keep watching our blog and website for details.

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