There’s Gold in Moncton

The Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Moncton November Sale is consistently a popular auction for a number of reasons; it’s a lot of fun and offers a wide selection of quality material, always with some “deals to be had,” as the expression goes.  One of the things we’ve noticed about this year’s sale is the range of opportunity to add some gold to your collection, and it’s literally available for any budget.

First, there is a nice range of world gold.  An always-popular circulated 1871 San Fransisco mint double eagle $20 piece – think of the stories that could tell – is already drawing bids online.  Maybe you’d like something that combines traditional with modern, like a 1979 Great Britain sovereign?  Saint George never looked better slaying that dragon!  Or perhaps something Russian, we have two options: an attractive 1904 5 roubles coin or, if you can’t resist pristine proof pieces, a 1980 100 roubles commemorating the Moscow Olympics.

If something a little closer to home is your goal, the 1967 McTavish Metal Co. medal utilized by Rothesay Pulp and Paper in New Brunswick celebrates Canada’s centennial with 24k gold in an irresistible design (keep an eye open for a lot that includes the silver version in this auction too!).

A 1999 Royal Canadian Mint pure gold $5 coloured maple with the 20th anniversary privy is a great chance to add 1/10th of an ounce to your collection.

If you like unique, an 1880 USA $5 gold coin lovingly transformed into a love token jewellery piece may catch your eye.

And we did say “every budget,” so there’s a couple of 14k gold mini coins, one depicting a Saint-Gaudens double eagle and one a South African krugerrand.

Our Moncton Sale takes place at the Coin Cabinet in Moncton at 5pm local time, November 25th, 2017 and online via iCollector.  Don’t miss out on the fun!


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