Newfoundland Paper Money

Collectors of Newfoundland paper money are in for a treat in this edition of the Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Moncton November Sale; all issuers are represented, the Government of Newfoundland, Union Bank of Newfoundland, and the Commercial Bank of Newfoundland.  Great deals are often the order of the evening during the Moncton Sale, so it’s always a good idea to make time for this November auction.

Due to a shortage of silver coins, the Government of Newfoundland issued treasury notes in one and two dollar denominations in 1920.  These note are not easy to find in the nicer grades and our Moncton Sale gives our clients a chance at obtaining or upgrading the sought-after NF-12d by offering a bright and beautiful PCGS EF45 and a very pleasing PMG VF-35.  It’s nice to have choice!  Both represent an attractive addition to a portfolio.

There’s also a Government of Newfoundland one-dollar cash note 1910-11, NF-9a available graded PMG VF25.  These popular notes are seldom seen this nice.  Fun fact: the Newfoundland flag, although never official, used to be Pink, White, and Green and was referred to as the PWG.

When it comes to paper money on this rocky British colony, the Union Bank of Newfoundland and the Commercial Bank of Newfoundland were the other players and both are well represented at the Moncton Sale.  The Union Bank of Newfoundland has two desirable pieces: an 1880 one pound note graded PMG choice fine 15 with foxing and an 1882 $2 note that earned a PMG VF20 grade, stamped and with a punch stamp.


The Commercial Bank of Newfoundland $10, 1888 available is fine and collectors will know that it’s difficult to obtain in better condition.  Both of these institutions would fail famously after the Black Monday crash of 1894.

There are other Government of Newfoundland notes up for auction that haven’t been mentioned in this post, so plan to be a part of the Moncton Sale, November 25th, 2017 at 5pm local time.  The auction takes place at the Coin Cabinet, 1141 Main Street, Moncton.


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