Harold Don Allen Collection at Toronto Coin Expo 2021 Fall Sale

Last July, noted Canadian numismatist Harold Don Allen passed away shortly after his 89th birthday. Dr. Allen began collecting at least seventy years ago. His interests were unusually wide ranging, and he was never content with merely accumulating money and its substitutes. He investigated the stories that his collectibles told from many different angles, and […]


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Toronto Coin Expo 2021 Fall Sale

Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. is proud to present a full lineup of rare and scarce banknotes, coins, tokens, and medals with this year’s Toronto Coin Expo Fall Sale. The Toronto Coin Expo, unable to hold an in-person show this year due to the pandemic, is upping their game with the auction portion of the event. Presented over its usual two […]

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Multiple Radar Notes for Paris Sale

Fancy serial numbered banknotes are a hot commodity in the numismatic market place right now and there’s no sign that that’s going to change. As witnessed in past sales, low numbers, solid numbers, ladders, and radars have consistently exceeded pre-sale expectations. Here are a few special radar notes that can be found in Geoffrey Bell […]

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