Fancy Serial Numbers for the Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Fall Sale

The consigner of the Gannet Collection possessed a sharp eye when it came to banknotes and this is certainly apparent when looking at the drool-worthy serial numbers available in the Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Fall Sale.  “Eye candy” is a particularly frequent description we’ve been hearing as we eavesdrop on conversations […]

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What are Changeover Banknotes?

When working with Canadian banknotes, there are lots of terms to learn: devil’s face, overprint, discovery note, and the names of various types of errors are just a few.  Another term that’s important is “changeover” and there’s no readily available definition to help any confused collectors.  Today’s Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. blog post will provide […]

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Queen Mary’s $5 Issue of 1924

We consider ourselves very lucky; whether it’s through our Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. sales or via our Moncton, NB storefront, the Coin Cabinet, we get to handle a lot of scarce and rare material.  Some of our favourites are the many trophy notes we’ve seen, such as those from the Covered Bridge Collection.  One that […]

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