Canadian Large Cents of 1919

The George V Canadian large cents from 1919 are an interesting study.  In Jack Griffin’s book, Dominion of Canada Die Varieties of Edward VII and George V Large Cents, the author estimates 65 die pairs were used in the minting of the approximately 11.25 million coins issued, without any significant reverse varieties. Among the 300 […]

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Queen Mary’s $5 Issue of 1924

We consider ourselves very lucky; whether it’s through our Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. sales or via our Moncton, NB storefront, the Coin Cabinet, we get to handle a lot of scarce and rare material.  Some of our favourites are the many trophy notes we’ve seen, such as those from the Covered Bridge Collection.  One that […]

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Alex Colville’s Coins

July 16th marked only the fourth anniversary of the passing of Alex Colville, one of Canada’s most celebrated artists and someone of absolute renown in Canadian numismatics for his designs on Canada’s centennial coinage.  Among a large portion of today’s collectors, those designs were directly responsible for creating an interest in numismatics.  Even though they’re […]

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Bank of Hamilton Bank Notes

Canada’s banking history tells the story of our nation’s development even beyond economics.  Learning about our earliest financial institutions teaches about which cities were vital to the growth of our country and the local industries that fuelled each community’s well-being.  The Bank of Hamilton was a determined and innovative company that served a new country […]

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