Harold Don Allen Collection at Toronto Coin Expo 2021 Fall Sale

Last July, noted Canadian numismatist Harold Don Allen passed away shortly after his 89th birthday. Dr. Allen began collecting at least seventy years ago. His interests were unusually wide ranging, and he was never content with merely accumulating money and its substitutes. He investigated the stories that his collectibles told from many different angles, and was a prolific numismatic writer, speaker, and dedicated hobby booster. His early publication, Canadian Numismatic Digest, was published sixty years ago. In it he typically covered an exceedingly wide waterfront, and the book still makes excellent and instructive reading today. His collections have made news internationally and Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. is pleased to have the opportunity to offer some important pieces via their Toronto Coin Expo 2021 Fall Sale. Below are a few of the highlights.

With a pre-sale low estimate of $30,000, a Royal Bank of Canada 1920, $100 is already making news. Issued from Georgetown, British Guiana.  Geoffrey Bell Auctions is honoured to present this incredible rarity, one of only two recorded in the CPMS Registry.  Not represented as an issued note in the National Currency Collection.  Wilson-Holt signatures. Very slightly circulated VF 30 or VF35?, but a little brown staining along bottom edge.

The fabled Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1892 $5 YUKON is the next noted piece. This is one of Canada’s most famous and storied notes from the Yukon Gold Rush.  This is a Canadian Bank of Commerce $5 note of 1892 with blue YUKON overprint, CH  75-14-04c.  The note grades a pleasing VF30? with minor soiling on the face, and has a bold manuscript signature.  S/N:  295794/C.

There are some Devil’s Face replacement trophy notes from Don’s collection that represent some superb rarities. Look for rare examples of the $1, $2, $5, and $10 denominations.

Also of note to Canadian numismatic history buffs is his personal Ferguson Medal. The highest award in Canadian numismatics, this medal was awarded to Dr. Harold Don Allen in 2003. It weighs .75 troy ounces and is 1.5 inches in diameter. After 1989, the medal was gold plated on sterling silver. The medal was designed by Arnaldo Marchetti and originally produced by the Lombardo Company in Quebec. It is now produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The obverse features a bust of the famous Canadian numismatist, J.Douglas Ferguson, with the inscription J.Douglas Ferguson Award. The reverse shows allegorical figures representing hard work, prosperity, victory, science or knowledge. A rare opportunity to acquire a Canadian icon specimen. 

The Toronto Coin Expo 2021 Fall Sale occurs live over two days, with session one presented September 30th and session two October 1st. Be sure to mark those dates on your calendars and visit the sale online where you can research and place bids in advance.

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