Paris in August Sale 2020

This year’s Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Paris in August Sale is a little different; it’s not in Paris. With the cancellation of the popular Paris Coin Show due to COVID-19, the firm will be conducting their auction from their home base of Moncton, New Brunswick. This format worked successfully with their Toronto Coin Expo Spring Sale, so the summer edition of the Paris auction has been tweaked just enough to add even better material while still offering something for every collector.

The Paris in August Sale 2020 will take place August, 8 at 5pm Eastern time with viewing available by appointment. You can bid in the comfort of your own home on the Internet, by phone, fax, email, mail, and live online.


There are many highlights. Gold has been in the news for quite some time now and bidders can expect a large selection of gold coins in the auction with more than fifteen countries represented.

Bank of Canada notes are strong with classics such as an attractive Princess Elizabeth $20, a gem 1937 Osborne $10, and a challenging transitional 1954 $1000. The selection of chartered banknotes is equally pleasing with a scarce Wedd signature Canadian Bank of Commerce $5, 1935, a rare Bank of Montreal $50, 1914, and a pleasing, scarce Northern Crown Bank $5, 1908.

There are some sought-after Canadian decimal coins like the small crown 1906 25-cent piece and a 1936 25-cent dot variety, plus ancients, medals, tokens, and, of course, plenty of treasure chest-type lots for those that like to explore.

The Paris Sale auctions are always fun and this summer’s edition promises the same.

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