Rare Modern Coin for Annual Premier Auction

Is there one in your change?

At the Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Annual Premier Auction, held in conjunction with the Toronto Coin Expo, October 4th, 2019, a rare modern coin will be available to the highest bidder.  It must be noted that there very well could be more out there circulating with our regular change.  This coin has a pre-sale estimate of $16,000 to $17,500.

In 1969, the first year Canadian 10-cent coins were produced only in nickel, production began using matrices, which are part of the process of making the working dies, from 1968, but it was quickly determined that a new matrix would be required.  The design was reworked, changing the Bluenose, date, and devices, and the very common 1969 dime with a small date was born, but not before an unknown number of the older style coin quietly entered circulation.

1969 large date dime

It wasn’t until a sharp-eyed lady walked into an Ottawa coin store in 1970 to ask about a 1969 10-cent coin with a noticeably larger date that the variety was discovered, but still many didn’t believe because the woman wasn’t willing to part with her coin at that point, leaving only the word of the coin dealer as proof of the coin’s existence.  Going on a hunch that this could be a significant rarity, the dealer put out ads offering to buy any large date 1969 dime for good money, but no coins surfaced until 1977 in North Vancouver.  That dealer wasn’t able to buy the coin until the next year, and then every serious collector wanted this elusive, almost mythological, variety for their collection.

Half a century has now passed since the coin’s minting and a mere sixteen examples of the 1969 large date dime have been certified.  The date is easily distinguished from its common counterpart, making it a fun, albeit frustrating, coin to look for.  Imagine the rush of finding one though!

The coin in the Toronto Coin Expo auction has been graded by ICCS as EF-45, noting a scratch on the obverse it received as it circulated.

This noteworthy coin will join a number of other rarities in the Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Premier Auction, including a unique Banque Ville-Marie trophy note and some exemplary Bank of Canada and Dominion of Canada notes.  The sale takes place October 4th at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, at 6pm.

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