Premier Auction Errors – the Good Kind!

Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd.’s Annual Premier Auction delivers the best of Canadian numismatics.  Rare and scarce banknotes, coins, medals, tokens, and other historic ephemera will be jam-packed into one intensive session October 4th, 2019 during the Toronto Coin Expo.  Of the many highlights, error coins and banknotes will be drawing spirited bidding.

There are many reason collectors like to collect errors.  They can be attention-grabbing enough to even make non-collectors say “wow,” and they teach a lot about the production process.  Collectors of error coins and banknotes are often among the most knowledgeable in their field, since you need to be able to discern a true error from a damaged item.  In our Annual Premier Auction, error banknotes outnumber coins, but significant examples from both will draw a lot of attention.


A truly impressive Bank of Canada $20, 2004 – Cutting Error showing the extension of the hologram strip into the butterfly fold may be the trophy of the night.  This note is estimated to realize $1800 – $2000.  Other cutting errors are already garnering a lot of interest in the sale and should not be overlooked.

Genuine missing serial numbers are difficult to obtain and the auction includes a Bank of Canada $1, 1973 example in which BCS took great efforts to assure its authenticity.


Another uncommon error is a misplaced optical security device on the higher denomination Bird Series banknotes and our Premier Auction features two such notes, both quite dramatic.  Offset printing errors, as with this Bank of Canada $20, 1991 note, can turn heads too.


34366917_1The coin side is well-represented with a 1980 nickel dollar thin planchet error.  The coin, weighing in at 7.8 grams, 50% of its intended weight, is rare with only four known.

The Annual Premier Auction takes place October 4th, 2019 at 6pm at the Toronto Reference Library.  In-person, mail, phone, and online bidding is available.

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