Princesses in Paris

The first notes issued by the Bank of Canada, the 1935 series, are unquestionably iconic to collectors of Canadian banknotes.  The series is special because each denomination offers something extraordinary and the note featured in this post seems to hold a place in the heart of every Canadian, the one featuring an eight-year-old future longest-reigning queen.

Before the familiar green twenty, Princess Elizabeth was pretty on pink and her banknote has become a classic with the potential to headline any sale fortunate enough to offer an example.  In Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd.’s Paris Sale, bidders have the opportunity to obtain a complete set.


An obvious star is the Bank of Canada $20, 1935 French issue graded VF20 by BCS.  This is a note that’s rarely offered any better and the hammer price should reflect this.  The perfect match for this note is a PMG VF20 Bank of Canada $20, 1935 English issue.  This is also the scarcer large seal.  To round out the trio, there’s a very nice example of the English small seal variety.

These banknotes are already getting attention online and we expect bidding to be strong when the auction goes live Saturday, August 10th.  The Paris Sale is held in conjunction with the Paris Coin Show and successful bidders will be able to visit our table at the show to pick up their winnings.

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