Multiple Radar Notes for Paris Sale

Fancy serial numbered banknotes are a hot commodity in the numismatic market place right now and there’s no sign that that’s going to change. As witnessed in past sales, low numbers, solid numbers, ladders, and radars have consistently exceeded pre-sale expectations. Here are a few special radar notes that can be found in Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd.’s upcoming Paris Sale.

For those new to fancy serial numbers, a radar note is a palindrome; it reads the same
backward and forward, just like the word “radar.” Hence the moniker. Collectors have really been attracted to these scarce notes, with their collectability coming into their own over the past couple decades. Single digit radars are the most desirable and rare, often referred to as solid serial numbers, essentially putting them in their own category. Next are 2-digit radars, followed by 3 and 4-digit notes.

In the Paris Sale, we’ve upped the proverbial ante by combining radar notes in multiples, meaning there are more than one note with the same radar serial number, with different prefixes, naturally. This makes an already attractive piece even more impressive.

67684111_2087876334673083_8050364941594525696_nFor example, you will find two journey series Bank of Canada $5s with the 2-digit radar number 7557557. There is also a pair of $20s alongside a bird series $5 all with matching 9499949 numbers. Very cool.

Also available is a pair of bird series $20 notes AWH1164611 and AWH1165611, plus another set of journey series $5 banknotes APY1582851 and APY1583851 for the serious radar collector. Journey series notes are just starting to come into their own, with fancy numbers really garnering attention.

Radar notes are fun, whether you’re trying to find one in your wallet or building a portfolio for the future and that’s likely part of their appeal. Don’t miss our Paris Sale August 10, 2019, held in conjunction with the popular Paris Coin Show.

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