Error Banknotes in our Toronto Coin Expo 2019 Spring Sale

Errors are something out of the norm.  They stand out as something that wasn’t meant to be and that makes them interesting, and sometimes valuable, to collectors.  Banknote errors are not meant to be released to general circulation, but despite the Bank of Canada’s best efforts, some escape to become sought-after anomalies for us numismatists.  Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. has a number of collection-worthy examples in their Toronto Coin Expo 2019 Spring Sale.

The highlight may be a pair of 1954 Bank of Canada modified fives that represent duplicate and mismatched serial numbers.  One is a mismatched serial number error and the second note possesses a match for the right hand serial number.  This is a superb rarity.  To top it off, both notes have been graded by BCS as original Choice uncirculated 63s.  With a similar lot realizing $5100 seven years ago, we expect spirited bidding in Toronto.


Cutting errors on banknotes always attract attention.  One of the nicest examples in our Spring Sale is a Bank of Canada 2004, $20 miscut to the upper left hand side of the note.  This is a note that turns heads.


Of note are a number of Bank of Canada $100, 1988 notes with varying errors.  There is a very cool ink smear error; a rare missing serial number error; and a couple of mismatched serial number errors.  This will be a great opportunity for someone to add some eye-catching error notes to their portfolio.

The Toronto Coin Expo 2019 Spring Sale takes place May 2nd and 3rd at the Toronto Reference Library, in conjunction with the Toronto Coin Expo.  Bidding is available prior to the sale and live online via iCollector.  We look forward to your participation.

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