It Was a Very Good Year in Moncton

Collectors often ask, “What’s hot?”  They want to know if their particular genre of the hobby is popular and if prices are trending up or down.  Without question, fancy serial numbers – radars, low numbers, solid numbers, ladders, etc. – have performed exceptionally in recent years and there’s no indication this is about to change anytime soon.  For our Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Moncton Sale, clients have the opportunity to obtain birth year banknotes in quantity.

Our November Sale is the highlight of the year for many of our clients. The auction puts the spotlight on our home town in the heart of Atlantic Canada, Moncton, New Brunswick and consistently offers a great mix of quality numismatic material, often providing some pretty incredible deals. The sale is famous for its fun-factor and indulges us with a chance to show our appreciation for the support of our clients.


The lots this year cover the spectrum of the hobby, including some fine coins, tokens, medals, and ephemera. And, as touched upon, some beautiful banknotes are hitting the block.  Chartered banks, Dominion of Canada, and Bank of Canada notes are well-represented, but today’s article will highlight a particular fancy serial number type – birth year notes.

Whether it’s the year of your own birth or that of a special family member, certain years stand out, holding a nostalgic feeling within.  It’s natural to want to hold onto a piece of that and a banknote with the year in the serial number is a perfect way to do it.  For example, the title of this post references a Frank Sinatra song, so if you really liked Ol’ Blue Eyes, a note numbered 0001915, representing the year he was born, would be a good addition to your collection (we have that available!).


Lot 336 features 69 Bank of Canada 1973 dollar notes all with birth years between 1900 and 1991.  With each of these cataloguing at $40, expect some spirited bidding.

In addition to even more ‘73s, a number of lots of 1954 $2 notes is attracting attention.  Dates from every decade from 1900 through 1989 are represented.  These are all beautiful notes.

If you were born in the 20th century, you should be able to obtain a banknote featuring your own birth year.  What’s better for our hobby than injecting it with a little bit of fun?  We hope you’ll join us Saturday, November 24th, 2018, either online via iCollector or in-person at the Coin Cabinet, 1141 Main Street, Moncton.  The auction starts at 5pm Atlantic time.


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