New Vertical Bank of Canada $10 Note

Perhaps the biggest news in Canadian banknotes this year has been the spring unveiling of a brand new $10 note by the Bank of Canada, followed by the long wait to see the new design in circulation.  Excitement is peaking as we’re just days away from the November 19th, 2018 release.  The new note is very different from any other Canadian design and big change is often polarizing in opinions, so here’s a rundown of what we’ll soon see.

In fact, given that the new ten has radically broken away from traditional front portraits and with its vertical layout, this may be the biggest change in recent memory.  Whether it’s more or less surprising than the switch from paper to polymer can be debated; they are both very different from what most of us grew up with.

By now, after the March unveiling where the subject’s sister, Wanda Robson, charmed us with her enthusiasm, everyone’s aware that the face of civil rights icon Viola Desmond will be a fixture in our wallets.  Desmond, years before American Rosa Parks started a revolution of sorts, made a stand against racial injustice in small-town Nova Scotia, but that’s hardly all she endured.  Most notably, she left her home town for beautician training in Montreal and the States so African-Canadian women could have access to a proper salon, then she opened her own training school so other black women wouldn’t have to travel for training as she did.

By the way, her crime of depriving the government of one cent in tax, the difference given the price between the upper and lower seats in the unknowingly segregated movie theatre, wasn’t pardoned until 2010, 45 years after her unfortunate early death at age 50.


Oh, and did you see what note is featured on the front of the 2019 Charlton book of Canadian Government Paper Money?

As the Bank of Canada continues to find ways to combat counterfeiting, expect to see more changes in our banknotes.  Sir John A Macdonald should be reappearing on a larger denomination note, as will Wilfrid Laurier after he leaves his current $5 issue.

Change and innovation keeps this hobby interesting, in addition to attracting new collectors.

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