What was Hot at Toronto Coin Expo

Many lots exceeded their pre-sale estimates at Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd.’s Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Fall Sale and it’s worth taking a closer look at those that did to see if those examples are providing an indication of how our hobby is performing, perhaps even foreshadowing growth areas.  The sale was expertly crafted to provide something of quality for every genre of collecting, with some areas outshining others.  Here are the heroes of the show.


For anyone following banknote trends, it’s likely no surprise some of the exquisite fancy serial numbered notes did extremely well.  This is a part of paper money collecting that has really come into itself in recent years and hasn’t shown any side of letting up.  A 1954 $1 modified note numbered ten million hammered at $7,000, a few thousand above the estimate.  Similarly, a 1954 $5 modified ten million numbered piece closed at $6,250.  Most of the single digit radars also finished above their estimates.


Scarce and rare tokens have also continued to get results.  A rare Wood 28 clipped Blacksmith token ended at more than $1,000 above its estimate.  A seldom scene Robert Cunningham & Son private fur trade token also exceeded the auctioneer’s expectations and history continued to prove popular with a beautiful Fenian Raid medal that did the same.

Hard-to-find Dominion of Canada banknotes also continue to realize nice prices.  An 1878 $2 note and a 1904 $4 piece both went well over their catalogue values.

Canadian decimal, sometimes the weaker part of numismatics in recent years, did quite well.  High-grade key-date pieces in nearly every denomination delivered.  A 1947 silver dollar with dot and double HP, a 1904 EF fifty-cent piece, and a mint-state 1858 cent are just a few examples.  Of course, we need to note how desired JOP silver dollars remain with a 1935 easily surpassing its estimate.  Quality British coinage, such as this 1846 half crown, are highly sought-after too.

We can’t mention all the highlights in such a strong sale, but watching these trends can give some insight into the areas of our hobby that are worthy of taking notice.  Next up for Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. is the Moncton November Sale as we close out 2018.

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