Fancy Serial Numbers for the Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Fall Sale

The consigner of the Gannet Collection possessed a sharp eye when it came to banknotes and this is certainly apparent when looking at the drool-worthy serial numbers available in the Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Fall Sale.  “Eye candy” is a particularly frequent description we’ve been hearing as we eavesdrop on conversations at shows and online as prospective bidders peruse the fancy serial numbers available next week.

When you first glance at something like this 1954 Bank of Canada $1 with an ascending ladder number, it almost appears like something made for advertising – think of those sample credit cards that show up in your junk mail numbered 1234 5678 9876 5432 – but it’s very real.  People notice notable serial numbers, which makes this growing segment of banknote collecting so appealing.  The selection of ladder notes in this sale is remarkable.

gannet blog 1

Radar notes also continue to gain a following.  Of particular note in the Gannet Collection is the number of one-digit radars available.  If you have a favourite number, you’ll likely find it as a solid.  The ones, as on this 1937 Bank of Canada $1 note, are especially garnering a lot of attention.

gannet blog 2

There are plenty of other radars hitting the auction block, including a trio of two-digit repeating 1954 Bank of Canada $1 notes numbered 7676767 that would look pretty special if they went to the same collector.

gannet blog 3

The assemblage of million numbered notes is extraordinary and even includes a complete set of  1974 Bank of Canada $2 notes.

gannet blog 4

When the bidding goes live on the paper money in our Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Fall Sale September 27 and 28, keep an eye on the serial numbers and notice the attention for every detail that went into this historic collection.  Opportunity for this sort of quality doesn’t knock at the door every day.


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