Paris Sale Banknote Types

Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd.’s Paris Sale takes place August 11, 2018 at the Hampton Inn & Suites, Brantford, Ontario.  This offering, held the evening prior to the popular Paris Coin Show, can be summed up with one adjective: strong.  These are the types of sales for which the Moncton based numismatic auction house has become known and today we’re going to talk about different types of banknotes available to collectors, with Bank of Canada examples straight from the upcoming auction.  This post should especially assist those new to paper money collecting.

For those that examine each serial number that crosses their path, radar notes are especially sought after.  If the number reads the same backward as forward, it’s a winner.  One palindrome available at the Paris Sale that collectors could add to their collection or start a new one with, is a Bank of Canada $2, 1954 sporting a serial of V/G5669665.  It’s interesting that once you show friends or family about the existence of these notes, a new collector is often born.

Replacement notes make up another important aspect of banknote collecting and, of course, there’s a large selection of quality samples in the Paris Sale.  Those who grew up with Canada’s last dollar note may want to look at a 1973 BC-46aA graded by BCS as Choice UNC 63 S/N EAX0173172.

Low numbers are always desirable.  Sticking with the ‘73s, some lucky bidder will walk away with three consecutive pieces numbered BAU0000783-785.

Changeovers are available, including a rare Bank of Canada $10, 1971 serial number EET9652397 in a BCS holder.

A scarce Bank of Canada $5, 1979 test note graded by PMG as AU55 will generate a lot of interest.

Sheets of banknotes are always an attention grabber and a $2, 1986 sheet of BC-55bA in 5×8 format are one of a number available.

Collectors will even sample error notes with a desirable $5, 2006 with mismatched prefix – serial number APF0514471 and APE0514471 graded by BCS as Choice UNC63, original.

This summer’s Paris Sale by Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. will be fun and educational, plus winning bidders will walk away with quality, fresh material.


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