How To Place Your Bids at our Toronto Coin Expo Auctions

At Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd., we see every level of collector and one thing we’ve noticed is that not every client is comfortable with all the options available to them when it comes to bidding on our sales.  While the information in this post will apply specifically to our Toronto Coin Expo sales, it will generally cover all our auctions.

tce auction spring 2018

The first and, we believe, most obvious option is to attend the auction and place your bids in-person.  Still, not everyone has done this, so we recognize that it can be a little confusing or even intimidating.  The Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Spring Sale takes place May 3rd and 4th at 6pm each evening, local time.  Before each session there will be an opportunity to view the material and it’s here you can ask any of our friendly staff for a registration/bidder card.  When the card is filled out, we’ll give you your bidder card with your unique number which you will use to place a bid by raising it in the air for our auctioneer to see while the auction is in progress.  It’s easy to get the hang of this method and you will be able to pay for and pick up your winnings at our bourse table Saturday, May 5th.  Alternatively, you can have them mailed to you after we’ve received payment.  Nothing really beats the excitement of attending one of our auctions in-person and it even has a bit of a financial incentive in that the buyer’s premium is slightly lower.

The next most common form of participating is online via our iCollector site.  Many of our clients enjoy this convenient and safe method of bidding.  Being comfortable with our online system has the added benefit of being able to access the auction material as soon as it’s uploaded, without having to wait for the print catalogue, where you can view our high-quality photographs and even place pre-sale bids.  We do always recommend in-person viewing if possible; nothing beats an in-hand examination of a piece in which you’re interested.  Do make sure you’re registered to bid online; in the upper right hand portion of the auction screen there will be a button marked “Get Approved to Bid” if you haven’t already registered.

While these are the most utilized ways of placing a bid, there are other options available:  phone, fax, mail, and email bids are the preferred method for a number of devoted collectors.

The most important thing to remember is that we’re here to make the process fun, safe, and fair for everyone involved.  If you have any questions, contact us before the sale so that you’re ready to thoroughly enjoy one of our world-class auctions.


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