Specimen Banknotes at the Toronto Coin Expo

The upcoming Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Spring Sale may be the most rounded offering yet, featuring quality rare and scarce numismatic material for every genre of collecting.  We posted an article a short while ago explaining the difference between specimen and proof banknotes, so it seems apt to highlight some of the beautiful specimen notes available May 3rd and 4th in Toronto.

First up is a trio of rare Dominion of Canada specimen one dollar notes that are already generating a lot of interest.  The two DC-23bS examples available make a great match.  Princess Patricia’s vignette is centre with SPECIMEN left and the Saunders signature at right on both, the first piece being a nice AU/Unc, serial number 000000/A and the second a fresh AU S/N: 000000/D.  The star may end up being the 1923 DC-25S, attractive and rare at EF despite a tear at the top; this piece is rarely seen.

blog spec1

Next we look at a pair of Banque d’Hochelaga notes from 1889 with SPECIMEN punched through the signature panels and at the top.  This bank, formed in 1873, was growing steadily, although slowly due to a short-term financial crisis, at the time these notes were released.  It was creating the foundation for a boom period between 1910 and 1920.  The $5 note was cancelled with a purple stamp and is AU with a bit of crayon on the back.  The $10 example also has the purple cancellation and is AU with some crayon on the back.

blog spec 2

A Bank of Canada multicolour series specimen set of seven notes has been receiving a number of bids online.   Each note is a vibrantly coloured Unc and serial numbered SPECIMEN 483 on the back.

That should be enough to whet your appetite for specimen notes in this edition of our Toronto Coin Expo auction.  There are plenty more in the sale, so make sure you have a good look at the catalogue.  We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!


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