Scarce Canadian Coin Varieties

As you’re collecting your date set of Canadian coins, many collectors will start looking even closer at their possessions.  Maybe a digit will look different, some element of the design will not quite be like other coins, or maybe a mint error will find itself on your want list.  Recognizing varieties is a sign of an advanced numismatist and Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. has some nice, scarce Canadian varieties and errors in their Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Spring Sale.

In 1965 the Royal Canadian Mint introduced a new effigy of the queen and two obverse matrices were used that year on the 5-cent piece.  The 1965 large beads variety is the scarce one and a beautiful PCGS MS65 example is being offered in Toronto.  There is only one graded higher on their registry.

Walk into any large coin shop and you’re likely to find at least one famed 1948 dollar for purchase, but if a 1966 small beads silver dollar is on your want list, you’re likely to have a much tougher time filling that hole.  A mint was set up in Hull to relieve some of the strain on the Ottawa mint during this boom period for numismatic products.  A 1965 small beads obverse die ended up being paired with a 1966 proof-like reverse die, resulting in this scarce variety that never should have existed.  The spring sale is offering a lovely ICCS MS64 Cameo full-white example of the 1966 small beads dollar.

Some other highly notable varieties include a top-pop ICCS MS65 red 1929 high nine cent that will garner a lot of interest; what may be the rarest of Canadian silver dollars, the 1967 upset dies centennial dollar graded as ICCS MS63; and a pair of very desirable 1982 Constitution dollars – an upset dies variety graded by ICCS as MS63 and a thin planchet variety graded as ICCS AU55.

Enjoy looking at this sampling of truly scarce Canadian coin varieties and view the complete auction for more.  The Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Spring Sale takes place May 3rd and 4th.


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