Incredible Solid Serial Numbers for Toronto

When you’re collecting banknotes the serial number can play a big factor in the value of a given note.  As long as collectors have been assembling serious collections of paper money, special, or “fancy,” serial numbers have been a consideration in a bill’s collectability.  On many notes, especially Bank of Canada issues, the serial number is so prominent it can’t be ignored.  At the Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Spring Sale, Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. has some amazing assemblages of solid serial numbered banknotes.

A solid serial number, as the name implies, consists of all the digits being the same number.  It is the ultimate radar note since it’s a single digit palindrome.  Values for solid serial numbered banknotes rightfully reflect the scarcity of finding such an example.  One of the most impressive collections consists of solids featuring each number from one through nine and there are three such sets in the Spring Sale.

The popular 1954 series is represented with a complete set of modified ones.  They have all been graded by PMG with nothing lower than a choice uncirculated 64.  It’s a beautiful set estimated to achieve $12,000 to $15,000.

blog solid

If you like two-dollar notes, a complete set of the 1974 Bank of Canada series will need to be on your radar.  All notes were grading by PMG, ranging from choice uncirculated 64 to gem uncirculated 66, all with the EPQ designation.  Only the sevens were assigned a 64.  The estimate for this set is $12,000 to $15,000.

For those looking for larger denominations, there’s also a complete set of Bank of Canada $20, 1969 with solid serial numbers.  All notes were graded by PCGS, ranging from very choice new 64 to gem new 66.  Look for bidding to be brisk on this desirable set.

Of course, if you’re old-school and looking to assemble your own complete set, there are a few individual solid serial numbered notes in the Toronto Coin Expo 2018 Spring Sale, so make sure you give yourself time to have a look at all the lots and be ready May 3rd and 4th when the auction goes live in-person at the Toronto Reference Library or online via iCollector.


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