Paris 2018 Winter Sale

The première Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Paris Winter Sale is another well-rounded numismatic auction for which the firm has become known.  Held in conjunction with the Paris Coin Show, formerly known as the S.W.O.N. show, the auction takes place February 3rd, 2018 with the show happening on the 4th.  No matter what numismatic genre you collect, this sale promises something for everyone.


For Canadian decimal collectors, there is a great mix, including a beautiful 1947 fifty-cent piece and some high-grade key-date George V cents, such as the 1922 graded PCGS MS63BN, the 1924 a lovely ICCS MS64, and the 1925 in a handsome PCGS MS64BN.  Of course, there’s also the superb 1935 J.O.P. Type II counterstamped dollar already attracting attention.


For those interested in early banknotes, a rare Consolidated Bank of Canada5, 1876 overprint is a headliner along with a great selection from the chartered banks.

World coin enthusiasts will be happy come auction time, especially anyone looking for some choice, large silver pieces like an infamous “Blood Taler” from Germany Hesse-Cassel 1778 graded MS62 by NGC and a stunning Prussian Wilhelm II 5-Marks coin from 1888 graded NGC MS63+.

And there’s gold for every budget.  Whether you’d like a near-perfect NGC MS69 Great Britain 1983 100 pounds Britannia Bust coin, an attractive USA 1910-S Indian Head eagle, or even a fun USA 14K mini gold coin, just to mention a few.

Pre-Confederation token collectors should be thrilled; there is an extensive offering of wonderful examples of whatever you need to fill some of those hard-to-find holes or upgrade what you already have.

Those interested in encased postage stamps will want the opportunity to purchase the extremely rare CH MT-10 Weir & Larminie Bankers and Specie Brokers, Montreal C.E./PAT AUG 12, 1862. J. GAULT. 1c Stamp, Blue.

The entire sale can be viewed online before it goes live in the Grand Ballroom, Hampton Inn & Suite, 20 Fen Ridge Ct., Brantford, ON at 5pm February 3rd, 2018, with viewing from 10am to 4pm.

Each Paris Sale will be something along the lines of our Moncton November Sales in that they will be fun auctions with plenty of opportunity to find something special you need for your collection.


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