Moncton November Sale 2017 Summary

The Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Moncton November Sale delivered again; our consigners were pleased and winning bidders found some great deals, but the auction succeeded in what it does best every year – provide an entertaining evening of numismatic fun right here in the Maritimes.

Paper money did well, bolstered by Bank of Canada and Dominion of Canada pieces plus a few exciting lots from the remainder of the Covered Bridge Collection, and a few rare Canadian decimal coins performed strongly, but who would have thought the surprise of the night might have been some New Brunswick medal lots?

While these medals may not exactly be investor pieces, they represent the historical aspect of numismatics that makes our hobby diverse and interesting, so it’s always nice to see them perform well and be recognized.

The top lot involved a couple of great 1967 pieces, but the catalyst was a medal from a year earlier that was issued in Carleton County.  What was invaluable about many of these medals was that they contained detailed notes to compliment the item itself.  For this Carleton County medal, the card noted it was awarded to Harry Thomas of Wakefield for having served 40 years on the council.  The medals, of which there are perhaps 20, were struck to commemorate the end of the county council system in December of 1966.

Another lot that exceeded the pre-sale estimate contained three medals, two of which centred upon Mount Allison University in Sackville.  The T. Eaton Company Maritimes Limited award in home economics piece was inscribed to Margaret Reid 1943, plus there was a large bronze medal commemorating Grace Annie Lockhart who graduated from the class of 1875 at Mount Allison Wesleyan College becoming the first woman in the British Empire to receive a bachelor’s degree.


Local medals have a specialized history that often goes ignored in our hobby, but the Moncton November Sale showed that they can be collected for profit as much as pleasure.


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