A Unique Lot for the Moncton November Sale

Okay, it will actually be two unique lots, which isn’t something that happens terribly often in numismatics, but the Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Moncton November Sale for 2017 is already shaping to live up to the reputation past sales have earned – a fun auction that offers opportunity for collectors that aren’t often seen elsewhere.  In this case, we’re highlighting something very current, yet decidedly rare that’s going on the block for some interested bidder.

Canada’s sesquicentennial has provided nearly countless circumstance for collectors to start or add to their portfolio.  The Royal Canadian Mint has manufactured a large number of coins, both circulating and non-circulating, for numismatists of every level, plus there have been a number of private issues of medals and tokens, including a very successful program from the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association involving member coin clubs and the striking of Canada 150 medals in various metals.

The Saint John Coin Club took part in this program, generating an attractive piece in silver, copper, and bronze that has nearly sold out.  Their medal was struck at the Mississauga Mint in Ontario.  When the mint completes the design on the die, before the die is hardened for striking, they strike a trial piece in lead that’s referred to appropriately as a lead splash due to its appearance.  This single piece is sent to the club for design approval before the order is completed.  This lead splash will be auctioned in our November Sale.

Additionally, since the club has no intention of ever utilizing the design again, they decided to take possession of the die and place it in our auction.

Offering these unique items in this manner offers fairness to all parties interested in these pieces since they will garner the greatest audience and allow for anonymity and transparency in the bidding process.

What a fun chance to acquire two one-of-a-kind numismatic pieces of New Brunswick and Canadian history!  We hope you’re planning on participating in our Moncton November Sale which takes place November 25th at the Coin Cabinet or online via iCollector.


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