Toronto Coin Expo 2017 Fall Sale Summary

“Diverse, yet structured,” was one comment about our Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Toronto Coin Expo 2017 Fall Sale that was overheard before the start of the first session Thursday, September 28th.  We’re usually pleased with what’s heard during our inadvertent eavesdropping because one of our goals has been to deliver a genuine sale, one that offers something for everyone with a number of jaw-dropping pieces of history to keep everyone’s attention and we think our most recent sale did just that.

The highlights – there were ten lots that sold for over five figures with the juice along with many more that approached those numbers – included rare Indian Chief medals, chartered banknotes, Bank of Canada notes, Newfoundland paper, Hudson’s Bay Company material, and Governor General medals; we think that certainly qualifies as diverse.

Sometimes, instead of focusing on big ticket pieces only, it’s fun to look at lots that surprised us by surpassing the estimate.  The Hudson’s Bay Company cheque that hammered at $4,600 was one of those items.  Also, some magnificent 1954 series banknotes continued to show their popularity, including the million-numbered $1 replacement note and a low-number matching set of Devil’s Face notes that exceeded pre-sale expectations.

1954 modified replacement note

A lot of ten consecutively numbered 1928 USA dollar notes closed at $3,100 and the 1953 MS63 shoulder fold, far leaf mule 5-cent piece surpassed it’s estimate when it sold for $2,800.

Two more lots that need to be mentioned in this regard are the Arbitration Medals that blew their $300-$400 estimates away when they closed at $2,400 and the low-number Banque du Canada $1, 1935 that more than doubled its estimate, selling for $2,300.

We are now accepting consignments for our annual Moncton November Sale that takes place November 25th, on the eve of our popular Coin Cabinet Collector Show.  This will end our 2017 auction season, allowing us to prepare for an exciting 2018.  The big news for next year includes the addition of a sale before the Paris, Ontario shows.  Keep watching us via our blog and social media to stay up-to-date on all the news.


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