An Important Offering of Canadian Variety Coins

Session one of the Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. Toronto Coin Expo 2017 Fall Sale is set to close with a choice selection of Canadian (and provinces) varieties.  We don’t remember such an extensive collection of scarce pieces coming to market at one time, so it’s going to set some precedent with collectors of this type of material.

There are a lot of variety collectors, and a number of Canadian decimal collectors aren’t even aware they are one since adding a 1947 pointed seven silver dollar alongside your blunt seven or a no shoulder fold coin beside a queen more suitably garbed is often done without thoughts of the nomenclature surrounding the labelling of your collecting habits.  And, let’s face it, nerds are now in vogue and many wonder if you can get any nerdier than looking at the intricacies of a coin’s design through a specialized loupe.


In all seriousness, variety collecting may be the very backbone of numismatics as a whole, yet some still question whether or not the Canadian market is mature enough to step up to the plate on such an assemblage of difficult coins, somehow intimating that our nation hasn’t quite caught up to those numismatists south of the border thoroughly examining every mint mark and die marker for differences.

A couple of highlights in this section include a dramatic 1862 New Brunswick 2/2 10-cent piece; some double punched narrow 9s from the fabled 1859 cents, one of which ranks among the finest known; a number of 1881 and 1882 cent varieties, including a nice PCGS graded doubled die obverse 1882H; a PCGS top 3 1858 large date RP2 5-cent piece; a high-grade PCGS 1965 large beads 5-cent piece; a lovely PCGS 1906 small crown 25-cent piece; and, to close the night, a 1996 German planchet toonie.


There really are more important varieties than can be listed in a single blog post, so do make sure you have a good study of this section of our auction.

The Toronto Coin Expo 2017 Fall Sale takes place September 28 and 29 at the Toronto Reference Library and online via iCollector.  You will even be able to watch select sections of the sale live on Facebook, so be sure to like our page and follow us on Twitter too.


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