Toronto Coin Expo – A Complete Package

When Geoffrey Bell Auctions Ltd. got on board with the Toronto Coin Expo more than five years ago, we did so because of the vision its organizer, Jared Stapleton, brought to the Canadian numismatic scene.  The expo was to be a complete event, offering something for everyone, making the show fun for attendees and dealers alike.  To do this, the importance of an auction house that adds some excitement to the event – assembling sales that put people in the seats – was recognized and we’re happy to say that that initial vision has been realized.


Location. Location. Location.  Having it take place in downtown Toronto, Canada’s largest city, at a venue as accommodating and accessible as the Toronto Reference Library was the first step in creating something big.  The light and ambiance of the main room, plus the attached viewing/auction room that doubles as the location of the Saturday educational symposiums, aid in providing the perfect atmosphere for Canada’s top numismatic event.  A lively and bustling bourse is paramount to a successful show and we hear comments often about the din from the dealmaking taking place on the floor, especially during peak hours.

We’re proud about our contribution to this; our success as an auction firm from day one revolved around the importance of constructing an offering of material that will bring bidders to the shows with which we’re involved.  The iCollector option of viewing and bidding on the material online is wonderful to have, but there’s nothing like holding an important piece of history in your hands and experiencing the excited murmurs from the crowd as that item is presented on the auction floor.

The Toronto Coin Expo has become Canada’s premier coin and banknote show in a relatively short period of time and we’re happy with the role we’ve played in recognizing a need in the country’s numismatic community for a show that can be both fun and significant.  Sometimes you have to think outside of the box so as not to fall behind.  We hope you’ve liked us on Facebook and have followed us on Twitter so you can stay up on all our news.


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